Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Funny Picture Wednesday......LOL

Hi is your day going? Was playing around on Pinterest again.....found these funny pictures that just absolutely cracked me up. Thought I would share them.
In the picture above....aren't we used to seeing those "non-smiling people" they had to be sitting so long, it must have been very boring waiting for the photographer to take the picture. I like the audacity of this lady....probably made a lot of funny faces before the photographer took this one. I think her personality reflects doubt....this could have been me back then....hahahahaha
Do you remember having your picture taken in those old photo booths?? I have a lot of those pictures. My dad would bring me to work on Saturdays....I loved going to work with him. There was a photo booth at his work place. He was the manager of Cascade Bowling Alley. So I do remember the pinball machines, candy and pop machines, the photo booth (25 cents for 4 pictures) the restaurant and hamburgers and very skinny French fries, more candy then money in the big walk-in safe, talking with the office ladies, rides on a dolly by one of my dads employees. Oh and there were lots of free games of bowling too. Most likely the bowling alley is gone now, cause I'm talking back in the 50's, yeah....lots of good memories.

Well, this girl is not me....but again, no doubt I probably would have taken a picture like this back in those days.....yep, that could have been me.
This lovely lady is another funny.....something I probably would have done as someone is taking my picture...a good selfie....hahahahahah I hope you enjoyed the walk back in time with me....with funny pictures. I may do this again...oh and I hope your April Fools day didn't find too many jokes being played on you.

Time to close, have to walk Kylie around the block and get some exercise for us both. Chicken is in the oven and need to get some potatoes baked....maybe some corn bread too. You have a great evening and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise

P.S. Watch for my 7 year Blogaversary "give-away" The gift will be a set of cards....of course. All you have to do is comment and follow my blog for the month of April. I will put your name in a cup or bowl (depending on how many visitors I have) and on April 25th I will pick a name. So do visit me every day or so. More visits = chances to win.


Susie said...

Funny photos, you would think with photos rather rare back then, people would not waste their money being goofy. LOL. xoxo,Susie

Biz said...

Don't you just LOVE pinterest! You never know what you'll find there.

Wow, 7 years of blogging - that's awesome Louise!

Attic Clutter said...

oh those are so fun Louise(:)

Attic Clutter said...

yup hubby is a pie lover..but with diet sugar in it maybe he'll pass on this one..LOL
not as good as the real stuff..
hope your weekend is fun Louise (:)


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