Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Some Pretty Flowers

Hi everyone. Well, I am getting spring ready to walk outside and enjoy some color instead of this white stuff. How about you???? The following pictures are flowers I found last year on the internet. None of them were in my garden last summer...but who knows, maybe this year.
Saw some pretty potted daisy's at Walmart for $3.88....thought of buying them...but I reframed from the expenditure. Maybe next paycheck.
Not sure what these pretty little blue flowers are....but aren't they the cutest??? Maybe they are called "forget-me-nots"????
Now these cute flowers are cosmos....I tried planting some last year, but they did not show up...must have been old seed or something. Must try again this year.
Did someone say pansies???? Yep...think I will grow some of these this year...they seem pretty happy no matter where you plant them.
I love these flowers....the ones above and below...I think they are some kind of daisy, will have to check out their make in the garden stores. I think I have a few planted in the front yard...maybe that is why I keep gravitating towards them so much.
Here is another one of those lovely daisy like flowers that I will be looking for this summer.
Now in this picture is a lovely rose. Love those roses!!! I have a yellow, white, pink and red rose bush. Maybe this year I will look for a lovely pink rose like this one. Another rose that I may plant, if I can find them....a moss rose, I like the way they spread and they seem to bloom all summer long.
Last but not least another daisy type flower...can you see I am leaning towards these flowers...maybe that is why the daisy's I saw today at Walmart caught my eye. Yep...I guess I will have a few of these in my the garden this year.

Well, time to close and get a few miles on my bike and make a few cards before JP comes home from work. He's having baked potato, fish, salad, fruit. I made some vegie marinara sauce, so I might pour a bit on his fish and potato. I had a potato with the marinara sauce on....oh my it tasted really good!!!

So you all have a great rest of the evening and hope your tomorrow is well with your soul. Talk to you later and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise


Susie said...

Beautiful flowers... I love seeing them too. Hope your day is sunny, xoxo,Susie

Biz said...

Love all the flowers Louise - so ready for spring!!

Have a great weekend!


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