Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday's Go By So Fast

Hi everyone. How are you all doing. It sure was a lovely day today, sun shinny and in the 40's today. I'll take that kind of weather anytime.

As you can see I am learning a little bit more, day by day on this computer. Found this picture on Pinterest, (copied to my picture file and saved) thought it was pretty funny. As this is what happens when I buy a can of Pringles. I say, "now Louise, just a little stack"....but, before I know it, the whole can is GONE!!! One of my "guilty pleasures" that and Schwan's Golden Nuggets ice cream bar, they are sooooo yummy with ooey-gooey Carmel!! The Schwan's man did not have any bars on his truck last I shall have to go through withdrawals the next two weeks...uge!!!
Today JP and I went to a Memorial Service of an old friend, he was only 56 years old and died of complications of diabetes....pretty scary. The Memorial was at The Salvation Army. JP and I used to work there over 13 years ago. It was like a reunion of sorts....some of the people, we had not seen for quite a few years....time sure does change people...we are getting older and more wrinkled and puffier!!!

The Officer that hired us back in 87 did the was good to see him, he has been dealing with Cancer for many years but has been cancer free for the last couple of years. I liked the way he answered a few people, when asked "How old are you Ed?" and he said, "I am in my 75th year" for some reason I just thought that was awesome.....well, I am in my "67th year" and hope to make it as far as he has....the Lord Willing!!!

This day went pretty fast....just don't know where the days go. I walked Kylie today....a big German Shepherd came running after us....Kylie barked and I screamed, I am not sure exactly what happened, but the dog turned around and headed you think he saw something that scared him??? May never know...but I need to thank God and probably not go that way for a while.

Well, time to close this blog for today, you all have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy the presence of God in your life!!!  Cheers ~ Louise


Biz said...

I am definitely enjoying this weather too Louise - we'll get in the 50s today!

Sorry about the loss of your friend - diabetes is a manageable disease and it's so sad to hear so many people dying from it.


Attic Clutter said...

Pericallis is the flowers tag name..
Oh the background is pretty Louise(:)
Pringles ..oh yum I love em ~~


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