Friday, March 14, 2014

Heirloom Seeds on Order......

Hi did your day go today??? The sun was shining, snow is melting and the days are getting longer. It is still light out at 7pm and the day sure has a spring this time of the year.

I bought some seeds on Etsy mind is gearing up to gardening, as you can see. I found this store on Etsy that sells Organic and Heirloom seeds, just could not resist. Her store front on Etsy is at; (Just type in her name and you'll go straight to her shop) Sorry, my link button does not work.
I thought these tomatoes were soooo unique...don't think I have ever seen purple tomatoes before. But they are called Organic Indigo Rose Tomato seeds which are very rare, blue/purple in color. I think she said there were 20 seeds to a as soon as they come, I shall start them a growing. And the fun begins!!!
These seed are called Rainbow Cherry tomato Custom Sampler Heirloom with 5-6 seeds per envelope of each varity.

Black Cherry
Green Grapes
Peacevine Cherry
Riesentraube Grape
Blondkopfehen Golden Cherry

She said as a bonus...she sends extra that will be fun to see what she sends. I shall report on it here as soon as they come in the mail.

Two years ago I ordered some seeds from a lady on Etsy....they were called Cherokee Heirloom Tomatoes. The plants got big and bushy but with very little hopfully this crop will be better. Maybe it was the weather or something, but I shall try a few seeds again.

Well, time to close, have to go get some cards made. Talk to you later and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise


Jan said...

Oh, YUM!! Last Summer my husband grew delicious huge yellow tomatoes and we feasted on BLTs for months! Good luck with the seeds, bet they'll produce wonderful fruit.

Susie said...

I bet kids would eat those tomatoes, they look like candy colors. xoxo,Susie

Brenda in IN said...

Wow, those purple tomatoes are really pretty. Let us know how they taste when they grow. I don't think your computer won't work when XP expires. They just won't support it anymore and there won't be any security. You will be open to all kinds of virus and hacking. That's what I think it means.

NanaDiana said...

It will be interesting to see how those grow, Louise. I would never think to buy seeds from Etsy!;>) xo Diana

Biz said...

I like tomatoey things, but not tomatoes themselves - I think its the seeds I don't like!

Hoping our weather warms up this week finally! Hugs!


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