Sunday, February 23, 2014

Let's Go Swimming Someplace Warm.....

Hi everyone....hope you are all well and keeping warm or cool where ever you are living. Well, it is 11 degrees here today in Wisconsin. Guess it will be 5 to 15 degrees this whole week....better then 0 degrees huh?!?

I am ready to go someplace warm and take a nice swim, get your bathing suit ready and let's go swimming!!!
Not sure where this lovely place is, found it on It sure looks inviting. An indoor-outdoor pool, oh yum. Probably a piece of heaven. Many years ago, when my mother and step-father moved out to Las Vegas, they bought a beautiful house with an out-door pool and jacuzzi. I went out there to visit them, it was 1988. We did a lot of site seeing and walked through a lot of casinos and ate a LOT of food.

My main focus was their swimming pool, of which I practically lived in every chance I got. I could only swim in the morning and late afternoon or evening. Because the afternoon sun was just too hot and not realizing it, the skin could burn real quick. So I would do the early morning or late evening until 10:30pm, and later if I could. But my mother would call me in...."Louise, it's getting late, time to come in" (???). Geez, I was 42 years old then, and she was calling me in, cause it was late!!!! (What????)

But, while I was out there in the pool by myself, it sure felt like a piece of heaven, just loved it. I think even now I would just love to jump in that pool and just float around....doesn't that sound just heavenly about now????
This picture from is in Japan. Looks like it must be heated, has to be with all that snow on the rocks. Oh but it sure does look inviting doesn't it? Would just love to put my feet in the water and let my feet and legs dangle in that water. Another piece of heaven, I would say!!!
Now this picture was also found in is from Pamukkale, Turkey. is what I found by googling about these beautiful blue pools: "If you love seeking out surreal sites, that look not of this world, then do we have a destination for you. Pamukkale, or "cotton castle" in Turkish, is an unreal little village that has some of the most spectacular turquoise water terraces you will ever lay eyes on. For thousands of years, people have come here to bath in the hot springs. There are 17 of them in all that range in temperature from 35 °C (95 °F) to 100 °C (212 °F). What makes this site so breathtaking, however, is how the pools look against the white limestone mountains. The terraces are made of travertine, a form of limestone deposited by the thermal waters.

For those looking to take a dip, sadly you're out of luck. As world traveler Michael Turtle states, "Whereas once you could swim in the travertines, now security guards keep a watchful eye on anyone trying to get too close. Other than a special swimming pool that has been constructed away from the cliffs, Pamukkale is generally to be seen but not touched these days.
"In many ways, that’s to be applauded. The site is a truly remarkable natural phenomenon and it would be a pity if human interference damaged it permanently for future generations."

I Wonder who those people are swimming in the pool...perhaps the guards??? But it sure does look relaxing there and those people look very happy just laying there enjoying the warm waters. Aaahhhhhhh, heavenly!!!
This too is from I posted this picture once before, liking it so much, I am posting it again. It is someplace in Greece, another place that looks so inviting. Would love to just splash around in this pool all the day long. No cares in the world, no stress to drag me down, no worries. No pain, no tears.....well that sounds like heaven again!!! Yes, someday, and someday soon we'll be in the shelter of God's arms and finally have that peace we all long to have....yep, someday soon, we'll be splashing around in the heated pools of His healing.

Well, I hope you had a great day. Keep warm and talk to you later.... Cheers ~ Louise


NanaDiana said...

You did it- made we hanker for warm weather and long to be near a wonderful warm pool again. I am going to google that place to see more of those pictures. Amazing!!! xo Diana

Biz said...

My PIL before they moved to Florida had an indoor pool - that was awesome to swim in a warm pool when it was snowing outside!

I love my lunch time swims, but it would be cool to go to one of those places.

Stay warm and keep dreaming about summer! :D

sweetvintageofmine said...

Heavenly.....just heavenly! Blessings~~~~Roxie


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