Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Do You Wanna Go For a Walk???

Hi there everyone, how you all doing? I hear there are storms going through the mid-west today. Stay safe and warm. I think we are supposed to get partly cloudy and warmer temps this week. Getting up to 20 degrees by this weekend....heat wave!! We'll see, as the weather can change so quickly here in Wisconsin. I would love to take off for a warmer climate, but you never know what the weather could be there. Oh well, I can only dream of warmer places.
Thought I would add a few pictures of Kylie today. Whenever we say...."do you wanna go for a walk" oh my goodness does she get excited!! As you see in this picture, she is just a blur. Yep, that's her going around in circles, she goes so fast, I can't believe she does not get dizzy!!! I know I would. She finally settles down so we can put the leash on and then you better hold on, cause she pulls you out the door. Funny how our animals can run our life and we let them.
In this picture the door is opened, sun shinning and she is ready to go. We can only go for short walks, cause some of the neighbors have laid salt down, that is pretty rough on Kylies feet. Plus the ground is so cold, her feet freeze up fast. She also keeps her nose close to the ground, trying to smell all the smells and then starts coughing. So we don't say out long. It's just a quick run down to Kitty's house then back to ours and past John's house and back. Not a long walk but it's better to go for short ones and not get "cabin feaver". I should have taken her today, but "lazy" got in the way. Maybe tomorrow, the sun is suppose to shine and it will be a bit warmer.

I shall close this blog for today. Need to take a nap and then do my taxes....not a pleasant job. You all take care and keep looking up...Spring is coming soon!!! Cheers ~ Louise


sweetvintageofmine said...

Oh that Kylie is a precious one!! Her little circle dance is so sweet! She is definitely an outdoor person (i mean doggy! lol!) The sunshine looks beautiful through your door and I know we are all looking forward to warm weather. Blessings and take care~~~Roxie
(suggestion...Louise, you have a security thing on when people go to leave a comment..you really don't need it.) You can take it off easily. Just sayin...

Attic Clutter said...

hehe Love the doggy so cute ..yes cold here too
it was 11 in the evening ..we went out shopping anyway
thanks so much on my Valentines stuff ..it is so fun!!
love the reds of this Holiday (:) Stay warm
big hugs ..Patty


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