Saturday, January 11, 2014


Aaahhhh Saturday's......we had plans of going out on a date. But, it is just too icy out there, plus JP thinks the alternator or air pump bearing is going out on the no driving today or tomorrow. Taking the car in Monday for it's diagnosis......geez more $$$$! Guess the winter has been harsh on cars too!!

So, I guess I will just rest today and drink some coffee. Maybe work on some cards and possibly list a few things on Etsy.
Maybe do a little bit of cooking. Going to roast some tomatoes, peppers, garlic and carrots and make some sauce for spaghetti. Got this recipe from Biz @ http://www.mybizzykitchen/2014/01/10/pissed/ (Sorry, my link button is not working) I have all the ingredients, might even try "julianning" some zucchini.
Also on the agenda for today is a little bit of exercise, mostly riding my bike for a spell and maybe lift a few weights, just like these mice are doing....hahahahaha!
Well, time to hit the road and get a few things done. Enjoy your weekend and keep looking up and stay warm.
Cheers ~ Louise

PS the House Mouse pictures are from: (Sorry, my link button is not working) I have quite a few stamps from House-Mouse, really need to start using them. Maybe that should be my challenge for 2014.


Attic Clutter said...

hehe (:) cute post..
my day is about the same ..minus the exercise..
my new like a small food processor
yes can do salsa..sauces, soups..I like to grind up veggies
add chili & tomato soup..for my lunch
then heat it in the micro..
the book said not to do coffee beans..

Attic Clutter said...

oh neat Louise
you should post them..grandma's pics(:)

Biz said...

Thanks for the shout out Louise! Sometimes a weekend at home is perfect - I didn't have to work on Saturday night so it was nice to have two days off in a row!

Happy Monday - enjoy the nicer temps while they last! :D

Brenda in IN said...

Hope the car issue isn't serious and expensive. Love those house mouse stamps. They are the cutest. Keep warm and safe.


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