Wednesday, January 8, 2014

OOOhhhhh...Doing the Etsy Tap Dance in the Cold!!!

Hi everyone.......hope you all are keeping warm these last couple of days. I didn't leave the house "a-tall" Nope, too cold for me. The weather is going to warm up by this weekend, maybe 20-30 degrees warmer then it has been, (shorts weather here in WI). I was listening to a weatherman the other day on the radio and he said that after the warm-up, in 10-15 days there will be another "polar vortex" coming through and we'll have -0 degree + weather again....oh uge. I hope he is wrong. The up-side of this cold? February and March tend to be a bit warmer by 10 - 20 degrees.

Well, today I am doing the Etsy Tap Dance!!!! Yayyyyyyy!! Sold these leaves today PLUS 275 more leaves. The lady ordered 12 packs of 25 leaves!!!!!
So, as soon as I get done reporting my sale, I shall go downstairs and punch out some more leaves. I might already have 150 leaves punched out. While doing the leaves, I am also punching hearts out....that may be something someone could use for Valentine's. Have to think ahead all the time. Maybe I will do some stars too.
Tomorrow I will take the package to the Post Office and have it weighed to find the exact postage. Then contact the lady, letting her know the leaves are finished and she can buy them on my Etsy store. Then off they will go to her home residence in sunny CA. (maybe I should pack myself up in that envelope too...hahahaha!!!!

Well, time to close and get cracking on this sale. So keep looking up and keep warm, sunshine and warmer weather is right around the corner.
Cheers ~ Louise


NanaDiana said...

Those are beautiful, Louise. I am glad that you have some sales going on. You are right- Valentine's Day is just around the corner. xo Diana

Attic Clutter said...

oh yea!!
so fun to sell isn't it(:)
was going to say the cute Christmas cards I bought from you went to my favorite family members (:)


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