Thursday, January 30, 2014

Made Some New Earrings....

Hello everyone. How ya' all doing??? Keeping warm??? It snowed today and was much warmer then usual, I think about 25 degrees. Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day. Went shopping and did a few errands and it actually felt like spring...I must be a hardened "Northerner" cause even though it was about 18 or 19 degrees it felt good.
I thought I would show you some earrings I made. Usually make all my earrings, so needless to say, among all my card making supplies, there are many colorful beads. I tried selling some of my earrings on Etsy....but no bites, so I just make earring for myself and as gifts to different people I know that wear earrings.
These earrings were fun to make. I saw the idea on an Etsy jewelery store. Easy peasy to make. I think this picture shows that the beads are blue...but actually they are purple and white pearl. Their not heavy. The ones on Etsy had 6 strands for each earring....I think that might have been too heavy for my ears.
I wanted some Valentine earrings. So I looked for some hearts at Hobby Lobby and found these at 50% off....also made a pair for the Pastor's wife. So, we are all set for that big day. JP and I need to do something special that day, like go out to eat some place.
These earrings are just a copy of the purple and white earrings. They catch the light with many colors, so they can be worn with just about anything I wear.

Well, you all have a great day. Take care and keep warm. Cheers ~ Louise

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Attic Clutter said...

snow snow I love it (:)
the earring are cute Louise..
they are fun to make I've made a few pairs..thanks on my is a better fit for sure(:)


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