Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ceiling Problems

Hi everyone, how is your day going? Hope you're keeping warm if you live in a cold place. Hope you get the rain you need, if you are in a dry place. Hope you are keeping cool if you are in a hot place. Hope you're weather is good where ever you are. If you need a little snow we can send ya some, got lots today....(smile)
Thought you would like to see what I am dealing with and have been dealing with for the last 10+ years.....yep, it's a mess alright. I do not look forward to rain, especially heavy rains. The leaking ceiling is right in the middle of the kitchen, so needless to say, I have to dodge buckets, pots and towels when the drips start. At one point, during a real bad storm, we had to empty the bucket 4-5 times in one down-pour. It was like someone opened the faucet and the water poured down.

Right after that rain....we got the roof patched...at the cost of $1200......but it was to no avail, because after about a year, the leaks began again. Our roof never leaked for 10 years, not till after it was redone by the city. We were told to sue the guy that did the work (didn't have the $$$) and he is no longer in business. (I wonder why???) The city contracted him, after a couple of complaints he was let go, but that was after he messed up on our roof. Damage done.
In 2002 we got a loan from the city to get siding, windows, doors and the roof done plus new gutters. Repaying the loan would happen only if and when we decided to put the house up for sale. As we are not planning on moving any time soon...there is no reason to payback. Only problem is there would be a lien against the house....which I am not comfortable with. Makes it very hard to refinance, if we did that.
In this picture you can see how the ceiling is buckeling, as there are leaks in every corner of the tiles....no sense getting the ceiling fixed till we know for sure the roof is fixed and not leaking again. So there you have it, my tale of woe. You can see why I prefer snow at this time. Snow doesn't leak....for now.

Today I filled out papers for another loan from the city...won't hurt to try. See if they will help us a 2nd time....this time I want a roofer that knows what he is doing....do you blame me??? Also, we will ask for NEW gutters as we never got them the first time around. The roofer just had our old gutters re-galvinized and then they were put up backwards, which has cost alot of seepage in the basement.

Well, time to close, need to go ride my bike and make a card or two....have a good evening and keep looking up. Cheers ~ Louise


Elena Kozinenko said...

Dear Louise! I'll keep you in cams and pray to God that you get a loan and your roof has become renovated!!

Patricia said...

I would go to a city council member, and show him/her exactly what their "help" accomplished. I would think they would try to rectify the situation for you, especially since it was their money that paid for substandard work. I'd also consider getting the media involved if you aren't getting satisfactory answers.
You've probably considered all options and I hope a new loan is going to work for you. Take care and I look forward to hearing good news about this situation. Thinking positive for you. Take care.

NanaDiana said...

OHMYGOSH, Louise. That is AWFUL. I hate shoddy workmanship of any kind-but especially the stuff that is done and causes damages. You poor girl.

It is too bad those guys exist but they are out there-not knowing what they are doing and taking money for it. Good luck!!! xo Diana

Brenda in IN said...

I hope you can find someone reliable and the city will help you. My concern would be mold if it doesn't dry out properly. Please make sure when they fix it that they check for that. Best of luck to you.

sweetvintageofmine said...

Oh Louise, this upsets me so that you and your husband have been wronged! I agree with Patricia, there must be an answer with the city. Did this happen to other homeowners like you? I pray the God gives you the guidance to get this resolved! And thanks so much for your sweet comments on the renovation...glad you liked the curtain! I will keep this in prayer for you.....God has the answer. Blessings~~~Roxie


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