Saturday, November 9, 2013

Yummy Food and Keeping Warm

Hi everyone, how was your Saturday?? Mine? Very fine, slept in a little bit later then usual. Played on the computer and had breakfast, Changed the sheets on the bed and put a new quilt on. (you will see the quilt in the last picture) Washed my hair.....normal type things. Walked Kylie in the windy cold, I don't think she minds what kind of weather it is outside, just so she can go for a walk. Oh, we finally took the air conditioner out of the kitchen window. Burrrr, winter is coming. Cooked dinner, we had hamburgers, french fries and salad. Oh and made some lasagna soup too...this is batch #10.....oh yum. Yes, I guess it was a good Saturday. Now it is time to blog a little, then I will go downstairs and work on some Christmas cards for Hospice and sending out to friends and relatives. Ride my stationery bike for a few miles and then finally hit the sack in some nice clean linens...oh what cozy-ness!!! Yes, it was a good Saturday. But Sunday is coming and we must get up early for Church.
In the above picture is one of my favorite breakfasts I had recently...eggs, spinach, cheese and 1 slice of ham cooked and placed on a warm tortilla and folded over like an omelet. Sometimes topped with hot sauce or honey mustard...oh yummy. You also see some yummy watermelon pieces. A cup of decaf coffee went along with this also. This little breakfast will hold me over till 3 or 4pm then I get the munchies.
Another picture of my favorite breakfast, 2-100 calorie tortillas, eggs, spinach, cheese and 1 slice of ham. With a side of strawberries sprinkled with Stevia. A cup of decaf coffee made with my Keurig coffee machine. Oh and btw...just had a little cup of lasagna soup....oh my, this is very good. I put the recipe up on one of my blog posts, will have to check out the date. Okay, I found it in October "New fall cards and Lasagna Soup". So click on October or you can go to this link directly and get the recipe:
In this picture are the ingredients for some meat balls I made a while back with the Mann's Broccoli slaw. As you see by the ingredients, eggs, hamburger, the slaw mix, garlic powder and garlic salt, (which I will cut down a bit) Parmesan cheese, parsley and dry Italian dressing. The recipe is on the back of the Mann's slaw bag.
        Mix it all together and make little balls. Place on a cookie sheet and bake @350 for 20-30 minutes.
Then I mixed the meat balls with noodles and pesto sauce and served. In this picture, I am sure it does not look very appetising but it was another one of those "very good" recipes I tried out on the husband. The best meat ball recipe I EVER tried was Fabio's Italian Meat balls...oh those were awesome. Here is the link to his meat balls.  When you go to this link, go to the search button and type in "meatball - Fabio" then click mouse and it will take you to Fabio's recipe.  Click on Continued Reading and you will get the recipe. You might also enjoy looking around at this sight.......looks kind of interesting, I might go back there for a snoop.
So in this last picture is the quilt my SIL Robyn made for's beautiful isn't it??? I was very surprised when she presented it to me. It is now on the bed, looks rather nice and very autumney....I like the browns....most of my favorite colors. One of my plans this winter is to paint the bedroom. So I will go with one of the colors in this quilt for the walls. Have not decided yet....I have a few months to play with that plan in my mind.

Well, time to close this blog for another few days till I can think of something else to talk and ramble on about. So you all take care and keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh. Cheers ~ Louise


Patricia said...

That is a beautiful quilt. Our Saturday included a pancake breakfast at our local fire hall, shopping for door jam paint and a few groceries, hot dogs at Costco, and finally chores and a potluck dinner at the Senior Center. We had our Thanksgiving potluck yesterday instead of our normal third Saturday. Next Saturday there's going to be a craft fair at the center.
Today we will get back to painting the hallways and door jams. Take care and have a wonderful Sunday!

Attic Clutter said...

oh Louise
u are such a good the quilt alot..
not football though(:)

Connie said...

Hi Louise, I love your new quilt. You were so right when you said it was gorgeous. The colors are perfect for autumn and winter. It's not only lovely, but is going to be so cozy to cuddle under on cold winter nights :)
Have a wonderful week.
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Attic Clutter said...

Hi Louise(:)
oh yes banners and backgrounds do it
I love changing them!!
I find the cute free blog backgrounds online save several I like to my computer then upload as needed
the banners I use my printmaster program

Biz said...

Such good things going on in this post! Clean sheets, lasagna soup batch #10!, beautiful quilt.

But I really have to check out Fabio's meatball recipe - I love meatballs, but can believe my Italian husband doesn't like them??!!

Hope you are staying warm!

sweetvintageofmine said...

Evening Louise, Sounds like you had the perfect day Saturday! My kind of day!! And your breakfast with the watermelon is my kind of breakfast too...Boy, are we related?? lol! And the quilt is soooo darling! I love the Fall colors....that is one of my favorite things to do (I have a fettish about it) is to change my linens on the bed....can't wait to go to bed when i do that!! There is something about FRESH SHEETS! Blessings my sweet one~~~Roxie


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