Monday, August 5, 2013

!!! SPIDERS !!!

Hi you all doing???
Over the week-end we had a bit of a scare. It seems the two neighbors to the left of us were infested with these "Wolf" spiders.
At first sighting, it was thought this spider was a "Recluse" and the neighbor killed at least 35 of these ugly spiders just outside her back door. Then she came over to our house to tell us about it and that she was having the exterminator coming on Monday. If we would like to have an exterminator come to our house.
The other neighbor to the left of them had the same spiders inside their house...........eeeekkkkkkk!!! The above spider is called a "Wolf" Spider. Which bites, his venom is not as dangerous as the "recluse" but bad enough. 
So today the exterminator treated our houses, outside and inside to the tune of $80.00 for our house. Not sure what the other paid as they had insecticide bombs released in their houses...we just had the spray. I can tell, there is a slight taste in my mouth....yuck!!! We had to be out of the house whilst they sprayed and then stay out for 1 hour. So I took Kylie for a walk and then we just sat outside for awhile and listened to the fountain. No pictures of him spraying the was inside. Maybe next spring when we have the house sprayed for "Box Elder Bugs" another plague to hit us.
Here is a picture of the "Recluse" spider which was first thought to be in and outside our houses. I sure am glad we did not have this one visiting us. It lives in the South and most certainly can stay there. When this spider bites so very careful because the bite is flesh eating. If you look up "Wolf" and "Recluse" spider they are similar but the "Recluse" is meaner.

I was trying to find some pictures of my thumb when I got bit by a spider from a couple of years ago. Back then even, the "Recluse" was being talked about. My thumb and arm almost looked like those pictures of people who had been bitten by that spider. If I find the picture, I will post it here. But I most definitely got bit by one of these two spiders. My thumb got all inflamed, and swelled up then a red line started following my veins. The venom from the spider went in my blood stream. I went to the "free clinic" but they would not help me. So went to my Doctor, I think he gave me some antibiotics and popped the blister that had grown on my thumb. For months later it would appear, like as if the stinger was still in the skin. Then one day....that blister came back, I started picking at it and "POP" out came that stinger or whatever it was that left it's mark. Today, you can hardly see the "war wounds" except for a dot and a cross where the Doctor lanced it.

Well, time to close, hope you all have a great day......I am trying to. Keep your chin up  for your redemption draws nigh.
Cheers ~ Louise


Beth said...

That's my worst nightmare Louise - spider bites!

Glad you weren't too hurt by the bite! My husband tells me all the time "there are probably 2 dozen spiders in our house at any give time." Gross!

Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

That was me - Biz! :D

Attic Clutter said...

wow scary Louise!!
step softly around there..
Hairdressers and things in their hair LOL well not so sure everything looks so great (:)
But I'm have fun ~~

Attic Clutter said...

lavender..well lets see it (:)


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