Sunday, August 18, 2013

Refurbishing 40 Year Old Furniture

Hi Everyone....well, as usual I am having troubles with blogspot on IE. So off I went to Google Chrome. Honestly, why does there always have to be kinks in everything I try to work patience in my life??? Geez, enough already!!!!!!

I had a nice week end...finally decided to paint some old chairs I have had for over 40 years....was not thinking when I took them apart....should have taken a picture...before and after. Well, here is a partial before picture. Not sure when I reupholstered the chairs....maybe 30 years ago, I am thinking this is the original paint job. So I decided to spray paint them mat black. Spray painting the pink rose came after I had sprayed them both black. Sweet inspiration.
Here I have both seats taken off and in the midst of spray painting one chair and starting the next one.
Added the pink to the chair....I really like the classy....what do you think??? I ran out of paint. So we jumped in the car and took a ride to Walmart. Bought 3 more cans at 97 cents a can....Hey big spender!!!! But at least I had enough to finish the chairs and do touch up. AND maybe possibly another item if need be....whatever that may be.
Here are the two chairs.......finished. feels good to accomplish something. I have all these ideas swimming in the head that I want to do.......but sometimes money and time do not coordinate with each other.
Here are the chairs on the front porch....finished and ready to go. Thought today we would eat on the front porch.....hamburgers and french fries....but we did not make it. Well, there still is maybe another month or so of dinning on the front porch. I want to get a new table cloth....maybe just a plain pink one....this one looks a  little busy with the chairs and all. Time for a change.

One of my other projects was to stain the porch floor, but I did not get to that next year. That is what I have been saying for the last couple of years. 

Well, time to close for today. Nothing much going this week. JP and I are going to celebrate our 40th anniversary. We might take a week end trip to Algoma...we'll see.
Cheers to you all and keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh.


Attic Clutter said...

Oh darling Louise(:)
Love your style
And the banner is fun and cheery(:)
Thanks on my Queen Mary manny

Connie said...

Hello Louise,
Your chairs look darling on your porch, very retro . . . good job!

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Have fun,
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Biz said...

Happy Anniversary! Love how the chairs turned out too. I buy Walmart spray paint too - can't beat less than a buck!

Attic Clutter said...

oh I love this FRIENDS advice Louise ..great advice (:)
are you sipping iced tea at this cute little redone table everyday (:)???


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