Thursday, August 15, 2013

Made a Few Cards Yesterday

Hi Everyone....hope your day is going good. I am having one of those lazy, hazy days of Summer. Not doing much work around the house. But come September I will be busy cleaning, as JP's family from Chicago will be coming for a visit for one day. We'll be having a cook-out, weather permitting. Other than that, not sure what else is planned.

Last weekend, JP and I went Thrift shopping and antiquing, looking for clocks. JP wants a clock that chimes, so we are on the 
"hunt"......guess that is what is fun about looking. 
In the mean time, I find little gems like this cute stamp above of a "cow." Was going through some old cards and found a card with a cow and the saying "What's Moo" and thought it was cute. So when I found this stamp.....had to have it. Only paid $1.49 for the stamp and the "What's Moo" is my printing....guess I don't always need a stamp.

So I made this card for a lady where JP works. She has been giving us fresh vegies from her garden, string beans, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. So I am sending this card along with JP today, to give to Carol. The inside just says "Thanks for the vegies - they are much appreciated"
Went to a friends house yesterday to make some cards. I love this one, the stamp is so funny and so! "With my luck I'll be at the airport when my ship comes in." I am still waiting for my ship to come in.....guess I must have been at the airport all this time....hahahaha!!! The card was already stamped, we colored it in with alcohol ink pens. It is layered on blue print paper, the top part of the card was run through her sissix die cuter and gems placed at the top. The dove is from a die cut.
This is a cute card. I think will try making a few more of these cards, although I just have one Magnolia stamp, a little girl holding a balloon..........these stamps are so cute, but very expensive. They come out of the UK, so there is lots of shipping and handling expenses added. In this card, she was colored with copic pens and then cut out and placed on top of cardstock  that was run through the cuttlebug and cut and placed on an oval. and then layered on printed paper that was stamped with little flowered stamps. 
Sweet, sweet, sweet.
On this card, the oval with the lamp post was embossed in black and we colored in with ink pens. Then placed on the decorative border and layered on printed and punched paper. Need to look for this punch and the punch used above underneath the ribbon. Hard to see from this point, but it is a small scalloped punch. I will be on the "hunt" for this punch and the one used in the above card. (Hopefully my ship will have come in by that time...hahhahah). I had one more card, but for some reason it was posting sideways and I could not get it to go right side up.....soooo unless I can fix it, you may not be able to see it.

Well, time to close this blog, keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh.
Cheers ~ Louise


Biz said...

Tony emailed your questions answer to my work email this morning, so I didn't see it until I got into work - here it is!

Your cards are beautiful!!

sweetvintageofmine said...

Love the cow-MOO card!! Darling! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.....

Attic Clutter said...

very sweet cards Louise
love the cow and little girl..
paper is one of my passions..
OH the pumpkin guys..well bagged up papermache from the store.. and plaster ...
I put the p mache over a small balloon.. let dry and it was so cottage cheesy bumps(:) I dipped them in plaster..then painted them.. craft paint then sealed with a MODPodge
drilled a hole for the was fun but pretty messy work LOL
thanks (:)


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