Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lavender.....or Russian Sage???

Hi everyone.......hope your day was good!!! Ours??? Was a little tuff. There was a bad storm last night, which caused a lot of damage. Knocked down trees, limbs and power was lost to 90% of the Fox Cities.
The electric went out about 12:50am. I was just about to heat up JP's late night dinner.
I had made Lasagna Soup (batch 6) earlier in the evening so I had that ready for him. Also on the menu was fish and string beans. I had to pull out my fondue pot and heat his soup up in it.....worked like a charm.

In the picture above is my Lavender. Planted when I first moved into this house 22 years ago....the plant has gotten really big and never fails to do it's thing year in and year out. I've transplanted this lavender in two other places. This blog is basically for Patty @ Attic Clutter as she likes lavender.
Here is another shot of the lavender. I picked quite a few branches and brought them in for the winter.
Here is a bunch of lavender in one of my older vases that will probably sit in there till next year, then it will be time to change the flowers for new ones.

So today was kind of a rest day, even though the electric was off. I took Kylie for two walks today. The first one was to see why there was so much traffic going down our would have thought we were on a main street or something. Well, it turned out there was a tree down on Drew St. So people had to detour down our street. A tree was down on the next block over and down 3 blocks on our street. So that is why there was so much traffic today.

I had to think about what I was going to make JP for his lunch. Egg I boiled 4 eggs in the Fondue pot....again it worked like a charm.
Heated up more soup and (already steamed) corn on the cob in the Fondue.
Oh did I forget to tell you.....heated hot water for coffee for Louise.

No electric for a day was okay.....but I might find it hard to do without electric for days and weeks on end. 17 hours was long enough. 
OH and then did I tell you, NO INTERNET for the day. I missed reading my email and blogs and catching up on everything that was going on in this world. Thank goodness I had my "transistor radio" and could listen to Rush, Sean and Mark on talk radio!!!

I did manage to watch "Life of Pi" on my DVD player till the battery went low. The movie was okay, still trying to figure out what it is about. Anyways, the DVD player stopped playing and then all of a sudden the electric went back on at 6pm.....YAY!!! So then Kylie and I went for another walk to see how things cleaned up, came back and did some work outside, picking up branches from the storm and such. No watering tonight....there was plenty of rain last night.

Well, time to close this blog. I still have to check out facebook and see whats happening there. So you all have a great evening and here's to a good day tomorrow. Keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh. Cheers ~ Louise


Attic Clutter said...

wish I still had my fondue pot Now!! LOL
funny thing is I am making egg salad sandwiches for lunch today..esp?
love the pretty sage/ lavender?
I have a Russia sage too(:)
the joker is that dingo leader Kim ?
of North Korea..
am calling
him a problem child (:)

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Lasagna Soup Batch #6 - you'll catch up to me in no time!

I think the longest we went without power was 5 days a couple summers ago - longest 5 days of my life - thankfully we got to use the showers at the gym, otherwise we'd be pretty rank after 5 days!

Enjoy your weekend - the lavender is beautiful!

Attic Clutter said...

oh my choice too Louise(:)
cottage..water (:) the perfect life !!

Attic Clutter said...

Hi Louise(:)
oh yes and she is the best mommy love her she used to live here and I was good friends with her mom..but they moved away.. I hope she can make her little Etsy business
a big success (:)
have a good Saturday!!!

Patricia said...

That's a beautiful plant. No internet for the day would be tough. As long as my phone was charged I would be OK. We've lost power during winter storms. Mostly when the snow brings down trees across the power lines. Our longest outage was almost a week. We have a wood stove with a flat surface for cooking and heat. We also break out the camping gear. The problem for us though would be water. It's pumped uphill into our neighborhood. Every winter, we store about 40 gallons of water... just in case.

Pom Pom said...

Hi Louise! Oh, that lavender is lovely! I'm hoping your electric is back on now.


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