Thursday, May 9, 2013

Yellow and Red Tulips in the Garden

The Star of the Garden!!
Eight yellow Tulips in all their Glory!!!
Nine Red Tulips in all their Glory!!!

As you can see there is lots of work to do, lots of weeds and grass growing....peonies are coming up along with strawberries, mint and lots of blue bells....they mostly look like weeds when they start growing but when they start blooming they are pretty. Not even sure that is their name, but they sure do take over. I have 6 rose bushes growing, they are still covered with leaves. Guess this weekend I will rake the leaves away and see if the roses made it through the long winter. Also planted, Iris's, lavender and mums. There are a few other perenials growing, but again, not sure they made it through the winter.
Here is a front view of the my house....this summer for sure I am staining the porch floor and painting the railings and posts and lattice. I want to get it done before the Clementius starts growing and taking over the right side of the porch. In this picture, you can't see them, but there is orange lillies and hopefully black-eyed susans will make their appearance. I really like spring and looking forward to sitting on the porch enjoying a meal or two.
Well time to close, have to go make JP his dinner and clean up the mess of a leaking roof, this time down the cabinets, had to take the glasses and dishes out....water all over. Just no telling how long that was going on till I noticed all the water on the get it done right will cost us $3,500 which we don't have. So other than this is good.
Have a great day tomorrow and keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh.
Cheers ~ Louise


Attic Clutter said...

oops a leak!!!
love the star flower(:)
your home and garden are charming
oh lets see I haves about 9 heads on etsy and a few unpainted in the craft storage room(:)
It is a fun hobby
have always liked to paint..
did it with mom...way back(:)

Attic Clutter said...

leaks ..sorry..
so sad about the baby (:(
life can be so cruel

Anonymous said...

Your garden is gorgeous! I have a black thumb!

We need a new roof too, but its expensive, isn't it!

Glad everything is well!


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