Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Another Tart and a New "Used" Car

 Yes..........I made another tart and this one was even better then the last one. Used 7 fillio sheets, added the filling as in the recipe in the previous blog and topped with the vegies like as if it was a pizza then topped with bacon. Really good and the crust, as you can see with a lovely brown. I think I shall try this for all my pies. It is actually fun to work with and I can get 6 pies @ $4.49 a package verses 2 pie crusts at $1.99.
 As you can see......there was not much left and JP ate the last of the tart, all that was left........a few crumbs. This tart had the ricotta cheese, Mexican taco cheese, egg and chives. Spread on the fillio sheets, then layered with spinich, green and yellow zucchini, tomato, onion and pre-cooked bacon, drizzled olive oil and sprinkled parmasian cheese and chives. And, Wah-lah a wonderful tart. Baked at 350 degrees for 30-45 minutes.
 We looked at this car today and are in the midst of making arrangements to buy it. It's an older car, purple in color with grey interior, a 1996 Dodge Caravan with 78K miles for $4,300. It runs really well, we took it for a spin, I am excited, cause there is hardly any rust and everything works. NOW finally we can take a trip someplace and there is actually room for Kylie to even walk around......funny how we buy things to accommodate our animals.
Our '97 Ford Taurus had over 143K miles and over $3,500 worth of work that needed to be done. I just could not see, sinking more $$$ into it. So, it will end up at the junk yard for parts and we will get $350 for it. It's been a good car for the last 2 1/2 years we have had it, but it needed alot of work too. Hopefully this new/old car will carry us through maintinance free for a while.

Well, it is time to go make JP's lunches and smoothie. Talk to you later, if you don't hear from me for a while....we are busy with the cars. Have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh.
Cheers ~ Louise

PS. Please excuse the mis-spelled words, as my "spell-check" is mal-functioning on IE. I probably have to go to google to do my blogs and there I will find "spell-check" again. So until then......


Attic Clutter said...

oh maybe a new rig (:)
always fun
the tart looks really delish..bacon is
always a winner(:)
JP gone the mouse can play
love it(:)

Anonymous said...

I rarely use phyllo dough because its so delicate, you make it look easy!

Hope the car deal works out well - we had to buy two new cars last year - the trouble with having cars the same age is that they usually go at the same time too!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Attic Clutter said...

oh pretty cool banner (:)
yup a chandlier on a tree is pretty isn't it(:)


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