Sunday, February 3, 2013

February~~What's on Your Calendar??

Does You Sink Anybodis Can Sees Meeee?
So I am sitting here, watching the Baltimore Ravens and San Fransisco 49er's. I really didn't care who win's.......but now I seem to be rooting for the Ravens.....mostly because the 49er's beat the Packers!! BUT, the lights went out and now the 49er's got 2 touch downs within minutes........Boooooooo!!! Gosh those 49'ers are so cocky!!! Well, I am still hoping for the Ravens. I will let you know who wins at the end of this blog. It just may take that long for me to finish. One thing is for sure, I am sure loving these commercials.....just saw the one for RAM....Paul Harvey speaking about "God Made a Farmer" that was a good one!!!! Go Ravens!!!!!!!

So, what's on your calendar this month??? My calendar is pretty much blank at this point, but for sure I have to get my taxes done this month. Gosh I hate that job of getting everything together to itemize. Once I get going and get organized I will be's just getting started that is the hardest.

Kylie has an appointment to get her "shower and shave" on the 7th, hope it is a nice day and no snow. I think we have had enough for a while, would be fine with me if it all melted. Well, it will be 2 months since we had Hyko put to sleep, I still have not gotten over it, and Kylie still looks for her friend. She does not like to be alone. I bought Kylie a little white doggie for Christmas and she really likes it. I think she needs a white doggie for downstairs to keep her company when we are gone. Maybe I will make a trip to Thrift store this week to find her a stuffed friend to keep her company. (oh oh 49ers just scored again!).

The second Tuesday of each month I usually go to Betty's for card making, $14 to make 4 cards. 9am is pretty early for me, especially when I go to bed at 2:30am in the mornings. Once I get rolling I am fine. I like going there, cause I get lots of good ideas and the fellowship is good too. I have some cards that I am working on....birthday cards for little kids. Once I get some done and under my belt, I shall post them here and in my Etsy store. I bought some punched out balloons in multi-colors to add to my "Kid Birthday Cards", looking forward to receiving them soon. Will be sending out my Valentine cards in a few days, certainly have alot made and some new ones in my Etsy store:

I guess one of the things that needs to be taken care of this month, is a Dr. appointment for me. Had my blood done on the 14th of Jan and tests came back that my blood was elevated. Dr. wanted me to come in to see him.....have not made an appointment as yet, why is that always hard to do. Not too anxious to see him, my blood pressure always goes up when I have to see him. We joke that it's the "white coat syndrome" but he usually does not wear a white coat. I think just the thought of seeing him, my body stresses!!! Hey did you know that "stressed" spelt  backwards is "desserts" maybe that is what I need to eat before I go into the Dr's office...a delicious dessert!!! Maybe not, my blood sugars would probably skyrocket!!!!

The score: Bal 34 ~ SF 31 in the 4th with 1.42 seconds to go....................Go Ravens!!!!! What an intense game....11 seconds to 4sec. Looks like SF is praying really, really hard, such intense looks on the faces of the players........who's going to win?????? RAVENS WIN!!!!!!!!! NEXT YEAR'S WINNER'S IT'S THE GREEN BAY PACKERS!!!!!!! GO PACK!!!!
Time to close this blog for tonight and get it up for tomorrow. You all have a great week and a great month, hope it is not too stressed.....if so, have lots of DESSERTS to counter act the stress! So keep looking up for  your redemption draws nigh. Cheers ~ Louise

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Anonymous said...

My favorite Superbowl commercial was the Doritos commercial with the goat making all the noise eating the chips!

It was an intense game - I like when superbowl games are close.


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