Friday, February 15, 2013

What In The World?????

A Meteorite just passed by Russia today and that was just the baby one (about the size of a bus). The newscaster said the parent is coming and it is much!!! Over 500 people were hurt from broken glass from windows and one lady had a heart sad. God is talking.......are we listening??????

Well, the above picture are the cards I made at Betty's house this past Tuesday. Cute aren't they. I thought the frog was really cute. The owl was made with die-cuts and the inside has a post-it pad.  The three bird houses were colored in with copic markers and heart and button punches added. The black card was really very simple with leaves and flowers and gems and "you're the best" embossed. It is always fun to go to Betty's to learn new techniques.

Still working on my "Number cards" for children. Last night I finished 7 and 8. Tonight I'll be working on 9 and 10. Will be listing number 4 in my Etsy store for $3 + shipping and 5 and 6 over the week-end. When finished, I will have all 10 on Etsy........hopefully they will catch the eye of someone looking for a number card for a child.

Time to close this blog for today, have a few things to get done, as I have been sitting at this computer for a few hours and as I look around, I see a front room and dinning room that needs some TLC. I still have my Christmas tree up, but it has Valentine Hearts on it. Guess now that Valentine's is over, time to take it down??? Not unless I keep it up a few more weeks and stick shamrocks on it for St. Patrick's!!!

So you all have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh!
Cheers ~ Louise

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