Thursday, January 31, 2013

Snow, Smoothies and...................

Snow, snow everywhere.....this picture was taken from my kitchen window in the morning and we still had more snow coming all day. The drive way got shoveled and snow blown about 3 times. We got about 8 inches.....that's enough for one day!!! A big semi got stuck on our street  and could not get out, he had actually Jack-knifed, was kind of scary cause he was pretty close to the electric pole. A couple of good Samaritans came by and tried digging him out. FINALLY the city came and plowed him out and he was on his way to make his deliveries. Hope he made it.
My smoothie for the day was:
3 strawberries
slice of lemon
2 tablesp. chocolate chip Chobani
1/4 avocado
All ingredients were enough to make 1 cup.

My review? Not bad, was going to put a banana in it to thicken it up, but did not need to as the avocado did the trick. Color of the smoothie, a lovely creamy pink. left me a recipe for a smoothie, which I shall have to try, not sure of the proportions, so I will just list what ingredients were:
orange juice
Sounds good, a must try for this girlie!!!
So I went to Biz's blog today, which is on my regular "things to do list" and she was talking about going back to Basics today. Journaling, calorie watching, exercise and using a diet site on her computer which she pays $$ for. She found that after one day, her calories were about 1600 for the day but when she looked at her sodium intake for one day she was amazed at how much sodium she consumed: 3700 mg of sodium............wowzers!!!! Here is my comment to her as follows:
Oh man Biz…..sodium is the killer for me. If we only knew how much sodium and sugars were in everything we ate… would probably chock a chicken. When I went to Inches A Weigh they told me I should keep my sodium intake to 1500 a day and even that was high. I know when I have taken in too much sodium my ankles swell. (water retention) When shopping I read A LOT of labels…sometimes sodium is so high, you can get your quota of sodium in one meal!!!! Yikes! I immediately put that product back in it’s place!!

In Inches A Weigh, I thought I was eating too much (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack, gosh and don’t forget the smoothies and protein bars, writing everything down, WI on Mondays and measurements once a month and riding those toning machines every day….deep down, I hated it)…then one person would tell one thing and another person would tell me something else….I would get so confused. they all had a lot of good to say. But there was so much stress not to mention the politics amongst the trainers that went along with trying to lose weight. I was glad when I left. The place is closed up now, maybe that says something about the place.

I think you are doing good, keep it up and you will make your goal. Hey, it takes us years to gain weight and it will take years to take it off and keep it off….it’s a total “lifestyle” change!!! One day at a time. LOL…..I should copy and paste this for my blog today

An added note: in the two years that I went to Inches A Weigh I lost 10 pounds and 20 some inches. Not bad, but then, not good. OH and I probably spent about $3500 ~ NOT GOOD!!!!!! There is no way at this time that I could afford those prices now as I am not working. At this point I am not really interested in trying another weight loss fad. I'll just watch Biggest loser and get some tips from them and read Biz's Blog and a few others that have lost lots of pounds......true, tried and tested!!!

French Peasant Bread
MMMM is this ever some good bread. Biz had it in one of her blogs and I followed it to the tea and was it ever delicious. I found this recipe from the  You will have to go to  "Top 12 Recipes of 2012" (Tues. 1/1/12). Peasant Bread will be #8. Hopefully the above address takes you to her blog, if it doesn't, just type it in, I seem to be having a problem getting addresses right. Anyways back to the recipe.
I have added flax seed flour, and this last batch, flax seed flour and graham flour, such a good bread, then I brush with butter and sprinkle parsely and sea salt. A delicious bread, toasted with a little cream cheese.........I know, I know, doesn't sound like a nutritious meal, but with a smoothie not bad!!!!

Well, I guess it is time to close this blog for today.......last blog of January 2013........See you in February and OH Valentine's Month.............YAYYYYYYY!! Take care and keep looking up for your redemption draws nigh!!! Cheers ~ Louise

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