Saturday, August 25, 2012

39 Years of Marriage - 100 Mile Challenge

 The 100 Mile Challenge..........this was the odometer reading the beginning of this week. When I first started this challenge the odometer read 2,506.1. I now have about 14 miles more to go.........probably will keep going and see how far I get to the end of this month. Turned up the tension about 9 notches so it has been a bit of a challenge the last couple of rides....but I shall keep it at this level till it starts to feel easier for me, then turn the tension up a notch or two down the road a bit.

 Here is my lovely new Pink Hibiscus. Bought her at Shopko a couple of weeks ago and paid $5.00. This past week I transplanted her into this white urn. Hopefully she will enjoy her new home during the winter months. She has a few more blooms that will probably open up in a few days. Below you will see a close  up of her, pretty huh? No, I have not named her as you have any ideas???
 On Monday JP and I will be celebrating our 39th wedding anniversary. JP got the day off from work. So, we will just "play for a day". I think we might go to the "Outback" on College Ave. Get the special "a 4 course meal for $15 a person" if there are any left-overs, which there probably will be, we will have another meal or two for later on. Haven't decided what else we'll do, maybe hit an antique store or two. We like to check out prices of things we have ourselves. One of these days, we will sell a few things, but I like the antiques I have and find it hard to part with them.

Another thing I would like to do is sit by some body of water.......that is very relaxing to me, would love to stick my feet in some water. Maybe find a light house and take some pictures. Hummm, guess that would be Kimberly Point in we come!!!!

Finally got an appointment at EyeMart. Guess what, my old glasses were actually too strong for me, I found myself squinting quite abit and having to take my glasses off so I could see up close....bifocals just were not working..............Now I can see!!! Being pre-diabetic, eyes need to be checked once a year. Guess when the last time I had my eyes checked, are you sitting down??? Ready? 2001, yep that is right!! Now with having medicare maybe I can keep up with these eye exames. Next eye appointment will be for JP, I think his last time was about 6 years ago. His glasses have broken quite a few times and have been glued back together. Time for new ones.

Speaking of JP, he is now going to a chiropractor. Something we thought we would never experience, but it seems his arm pains are connected to the neck. JP had x-rays taken and Dr. Matt could see right away what the problems was. We should have gone to him in the first place, but who knew??? Dr. Matt said at least with all the tests done, the heart, stomach and a few other things could be ruled out. And now, at least we know from where the problem is coming from. Now hopefully with the manipulations on his neck will help. He has had less pains then he had, so that is a plus. JP used to drive race cars and got jolted around alot, probably had whiplash a couple of times. Sooooo, in his old age he is now paying for things he did in his youth.

Well, it is time to close this blog for a while, you all keep looking up for your redemption drawth nigh.
Cheers ~ Louise do you like my new look on my blog.....felt I needed a change, like buying a new top or a pair of shoes, maybe even a purse!!! Happy Days!!!

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