Wednesday, July 4, 2012

An Etsy Order and Keeping Kool!

Just got a special order from my Etsy store the other day. This should keep me cool in this scorching heat or at least! The lady lives down in Florida and is giving a 1st birthday party for her daughter. The color theme is pink and yellow and lemonade and cupcakes. She wants 4 lemonade cards to put gift cards in for prizes. She wants the pink lemonade with a pale yellow border and I shall add a yellow straw with no "relax" on the lemon or a "1" if I have a decent stamp around and is not too small, but just right.

 When I am finished with the cards I will take a picture and download them so I can show the finished product on this blog. I will probably make some extra cards to add to my Etsy store at a later date. already have a set of 6 cards in my store, I marked them down $2.50 per card ($15.00 + postage) After I am done here I am going downstairs where it is cool and start working on the cards again. Started last night and have some more work to do. I want to get them all ready for mailing so they can go out as soon as the lady pays for them and is cleared by paypal.  It has been quite a dry spell in my Etsy store, this will help boost my moral.

Are  you Keeping Kool?????? It has been pretty warm these last few days.....uge, I am not a warm bodied human....I like the 60's and 70's maybe even low 80's but not this 90's and 100's with high, no, no!!! To think this is only July........August is also a warm month!!!!
We have a window unit air-conditioner in the kitchen, the two bedroom doors are closed, so all the air-conditioner has to do is cool the kitchen, dinning room and front room if it can make it that far. So we have a fan on the floor in the dinning room pushing the cool into the front room. Shades are pulled and no lights on, so hopefully it is cooling off here. When I step outside and come back in, I can actually feel the I guess it is working.
The above card with the stamp "Keep Kool" and the "lemon" was my first attempt at making my first stamps. It was kind of fun.....a little putsey, but fun.

Well I hope you are enjoying this "4th of July".........going to be lots of fireworks celebrating our "Independence" but in a way we are losing our Freedoms everyday.....The White House politicians are trying to take our freedoms away and trying to wipe away "In God we Trust" from our lives. I wonder how much more God will take before he says, "Enough is enough........Jesus go get my children" I guess, time will tell.

You all have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption drawth nigh. Cheers ~ Louise

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