Monday, July 30, 2012

A Busy Week-End 4 Us

Hi everyone........well today is Monday the 30th......where in the world did this month go????? Thought I would add a few pictures of our busy weekend....not too adventurous....but busy for a couple of 65 year olds.

KYLIE....KYLIE she is such a happy dog. Here she is asking me, "can we go for a walk?" I said, "maybe later, when it cools down". We got Kylie from the shelter in Oshkosh, I am not sure if Kylie picked us or we picked Kylie, either way it has worked out fine. Kylie is a mama's girl and sticks pretty close to me....but just like any little girl, does not always listen to mama. Kylie has alot of likes and dislikes. She mostly dislikes the mailman and any other man that comes to the front door until I tell her to "STOP" and then she backs off. Some man must have done her mean before she knew us cause it takes her awhile to like any man that come to the door.

 Following are a few pictures of the weekend. We did have a surprise on Sunday.....a big storm came through around about 6:10pm. The rain came down pretty heavy and around 6:30 the power went off.....I become so lost without the power, gosh we sure do take the "power" for granted don't we??? The "Power" of the Holy Spirit is taken for granted too, for that matter!!!!
Flower box petunia's and flowers in front of house. Did some weeding and got rid of some flowers that look like weeds when growing but when they bloom, they are the cutest little blue bells that last a few weeks. When they begin to dry up....down they come. I have no fear that they will return next year, even during a hard winter. My daisies keep popping up in different places, I like them where ever they decide to show their pretty faces. Someday the front of the house will be all perennial flowers, right now I have to plant to fill in empty places.

Here is JP fertilizing with his new fertilizer cart. 39 years we have been married and this is his first little fertilizer cart. You can see how dry the grass is and only the weeds seem to grow. This picture was taken Saturday......Sunday afternoon it rained..........oh well, JP can fertilize again. Hopefully the weeds were served notice that they are not welcomed here.

JP added a little color with some of the red chips we had left over after I redid the patio and flowers next to the patio. I should take a picture of the patio. Looks really nice, but the squirrel seems to think that is his domain and has been making holes in the chips trying to find a place for his nuts.....darned squirrel. Anyways, the yellow and orange marigolds are trying very hard to survive this drought.....been watering them, but not as much as I should. They should have been a little bit larger by now. Well, there still are a few more months of growing weather yet. I really need to paint my porch's due, can you see the paint chipping? And the steps and porch need to be stained again. I keep threatening every year to do that, but the summer comes and goes and there sits the stairs and porch, still needing to be stained and painted. I procrastinate very well don't I?

Going to close this blog for the day........this blog is that is hard to believe. It's been good therapy for me. Not really sure where or who reads my blogs, if anybody does for that matter. But, it has been fun to do. I have a few blogs that I like to visit on a daily basis.....they may not realize it, but they become a friend that I enjoy visiting and seeing what they are up to and do miss them when they take a few days away from their blogs.

I am hoping that my next blog will be a few cards that I have been working on. I had a big sale last week and was busy working on that special order. Would be nice to have a few more orders like that...will have to just wait and see and promote more.

You all have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption drawth nigh.
Cheers ~ Louise

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