Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Fun Day!!!

Hahahahaha!!! Just found this little gem of a cute kitty on Facebook today. Kitties say it all in their funny little faces, don't they????? "Gives me foods or I bites you....roarrrrrrrrssss!!! Yous scared yet???"

I have decided that I WILL NOT call my Step-father of 50 years "Dad" and that is the end of that story....I don't believe "Pops" has that right and can demand me to call him "dad", because he is NOT my "dad". Sorry "Pops" you will always be "Pops" to me till you die. You have taken too much from me in those 50 years that do not justify me calling you "Dad" and you will Never take the place of my "Dad". So be it!!!!
I really don't think "POPS" would be asking me this if my mother were still alive, cause it was her idea for me to call "Pops" - "Pops"! Why oh why does there have to be these bumps in the road.....roarrrrsssss!!!

Went boating yesterday, oh it was a beautiful day and I enjoyed it very much. Alot of fresh air, made me very tired last night, that I took a nap for an hour or so before JP got home. Then I made him soup and sami's on the "George Forman" grill. Works well for a panani sandwich.

Took a bunch of pictures of our boating trip, will download the pictures today and get them on my blog in the next few days. I love my mini-vacations on Lake Butte de More and Lake Winnebago. We are not able to vacation anyplace (our car will not make it) sooooooo mini trips on the boat will do the trick for me.

Well, think I will close this blog for today. Want to work outside for a while today. Have some onion bulbs to plant and water the plants and lay some mulch down. It's a little cooler today, so it is doable.

You all have a great day and see ya in the next few days. Keep looking up for your redemption draweth nigh. Cheers ~ Louise

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