Monday, June 25, 2012

Beautiful Golden Brown Turkey

Cooking on the grill this weekend was truly one of those adventures of a life time and something I have never done before but will defiantly do again. Grilled this beautiful golden brown turkey on my $20 grill on Saturday and oh was it a delicious bird to say the least.

Started the coals about 4:30, following directions, moved the goals to both sides of the grill so I could fit a drip pan in the middle. Placed the turkey on the grill right directly over the drip pan and closed the lid for a half hour. Came back with the potatoes (red potatoes tossed with olive oil, fresh dill and seasoning in tin foil). Took a peek at the turkey and it hadn't burned, flipped it over on it's other side and place the potatoes in the grill.

Doing the turkey this way must have worked as a smoker cause the turkey was not sitting on the coals directly, but the heat was going up and working around the turkey from all sides. Later into the cooking process, I added two corns on the cob wrapped in tin foil that I rubbed a little butter on. Oh my gosh did that corn ever taste goooooood!!!!!

About 7:45 I took the turkey off the grill and brought it in the house to rest awhile. Finishing up the rest of the meal. Avocado salad, cinnamon toast, corn on the cob, dilled potatoes and the gravy that came with the turkey..................a lovely Thanksgiving dinner.......God is good, all the the time!!!!

Well, the turkey was very moist inside and it was done to perfection too!!! Sunday we had left overs, I took pictures of the turkey and what was left as I made soup and turkey sandwiches and the rest of the potatoes went into a stir fry with pea pods and broccoli. Pictures will come tomorrow as I need to download them into the computer yet.

Well, you all have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption draweth nigh! Cheers ~ Louise

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