Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pretty Little Post Cards from the Antique Show

I found these sweet little postcards at one booth, her prices were more affordable. As some of the other vendors were selling their cards and postcards for anywheres from $3-$8......I thought that was a little pricey!!

Aren't they cute???? Some of the cards are written on and the addresses are really short, with the name, address, town and state.......and NO ZIP CODE!!! How did we live without zip codes!!!!

Postage was 1 cent for domestic and 2 cents for foreign. Have two cards postmarked from 1910 and 1921. Should have looked on the back of the other cards, maybe there were some older cards. Oh well, perhaps if we go back tomorrow I can take a peek again.

So now I suspect you are wondering why I bought these little cards????? Well, I shall copy them off on my printer (there is not copyright on them) and turn them into modern day cards for my Etsy store....sounds like fun, huh?!? I picked up some Valentine cards at an antique store and did the same with them at Valentines and they turned out really neat. As long as I don't have to spend a humongous amount of $$$ for the cards, this can be a do-able project.

As we were walking around,I found another booth that was selling "Vogue Dolls". Some were $59 and some were $79....all depends on if they are in good condition. I told the lady I had some dolls with their clothes. Her eyes widened, she said did you cut their I said, my hairdresser techniques did not kick in till I was a teenager. Well, I got her card so I can call her if and when I pull my dolls up from the basement and check them out. I really should, could have a little fortune in the basement and not know it. I was saving my dolls for "my daughter" so she could play with them. But, my life took a wrong turn and that never happened.

Well, it is getting late and "Titanic" is on TV tonight. Talk to you all later and keep looking up for your redemption drawth nigh.
Cheers ~ Louise

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