Sunday, April 29, 2012

Okay....Okay I Give In....Google Chrome It Is!!!!

Yep, I certainly have been woken up and it's not to the smell of coffee!!!! Wish it were that easy!! 

Been having such a hard time with and it's new format, was at my wits end and ready to throw in the towel!!!! No doubt some of you have had a problem with blogger's format also. Well, I  finally downloaded 'Google Chrome' like Google said to do.................and WA-LA, no more problems and I actually have a big screen to type on and all my signs at the top to compose a blog are not covered, what a difference. It's easy to type and my screen does not jump around and go blank. Miracle upon miracle!

 Don't know why I fight change, just have a hard time working outside the box I guess. And too, as one gets older, we get stuck in our old ways and it is hard to go outside the boundaries of comfort.

Onward and upward we are climbing...."God makes things plain and simple but man has many inventions". That is a scripture from Ecclesiastes 7:29 (my paraphrase). Wouldn't life be easier if things were plain and simple??? But man likes to critique things, trying to make things better and all it does is make things worse!!! Look at this world and the direction it is going.....farther and farther away from God, where it all stops, no body knows......But only God!!!!

Well, so much for my blog for today.....went to Google Chrome to see how things work....yep, I will come back here again to do my blogs. Thank you Google Chrome......I fought and you won!!!! Have a great day and remember fear not and keep looking up for your redemption draweth nigh!!!
Cheers to that!!! Louise

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