Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Be Yourself Everyone Else is Taken - A Few New Cards

Today I shall post some new cards that I plan on putting in my Etsy store. Guess I am in a blue mood for what ever reason. The card up above was made a couple of months ago after I had bought the bird background and later picked up the bird stamp, the two just seemed to go together. The bird is colored in with copic markers and then cut out.

I have been seeing some cards on the internet which use the fiskers cloud punches and thought they were really cute. There was even a card where the artist used the cloud for a tree, turning it upside-down and was in green......naturally! So this is my rendition of a card I saw on the internet. This card will make it to my Etsy store also in the next few days.

Just added this cute little card to my Etsy store is very popular already. Sold one card (it had 5 duckies in a row) and also have an order for another card to be sent as a Birthday card. The duckies are stamped, colored in with copic markers then cut out and glued on cardstock. This little card is selling for $3.50 + postage in my Etsy store:

Well, I shall close this blog for today.....tis getting late and I have to do some more work on the computer.......been looking for my ancestors via genealogy sites, has been very interesting to say the least. Soooooo, Cheers ~ Louise

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