Saturday, March 10, 2012

♥♥♥Today is My 220th Post♥♥♥

WOW WEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Today is a celebration of sorts......hard to believe 220 posts, where did that time go??????? That is about 4 1/2 years of blog posts. Must do something special today, like some kind of special picture!!!! Okay here are my pictures, what better way to celebrate but with steak, fries and ice cream with a candle on top!!! (these are old pictures from 2010 but very apropos for now, my favorite place to go for a free Birthday dinner..BJ Clancey's).

Now if I can just maneuver these pictures around so they look compositionally correct. Hummmmm, wonder if that is a word...guess I will find out when I do a spell check!!!

Still working on my Easter cards, probably will have them up and going in my Etsy store tomorrow or Monday. That will give about 4 weeks before Easter, hopefully enough time for someone to see them and buy them, I have my hopes up for this one, hopefully I can get them out there on Twitter and Facebook and to all the teams I am involved in on Etsy. Time will tell.

JP is at the church right now, cleaning. When he gets home I will be going out to Copps, for 50% off on meat and $1.49 for butter plus a few other things. Such deals....wish I had a little freezer for special deals....maybe this year we will get a little freezer with the money we get from income tax, that's if Obama allows that to us.

Well, I shall close this blog for today, you all have a great day and enjoy the weather, it is gorgeous outside, gives a person spring fever plus today is daylight savings, "Spring ahead and Fall behind" So, before you go to bed tonight, set your clocks ahead and go to bed!!!

Keep looking up for your redemption draweth nigh!!!
Cheers ~ Louise

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