Monday, March 19, 2012

1 Cross + 3 Nails = 4 Given

Finally got my Easter cards up in my Etsy store and here on my blog. I found the stamp, "1 cross+3nails=4given" at a fellow Etsy artist's shop I am going back there to see what else she has, a definite trip is at hand.

These cards are selling in my Etsy store for $2.75 per card or 4 cards for $11.00 + postage $2.50. Didn't want to make them toooooo expensive, thought that was a decent price. Have made 12 extra for sending out myself and have the makings for a few more.

Well, today is Monday, March 19th............where does the time go????? We are having an early spring, which is really nice, but anything can happen, like more snow, so I am not that anxious to get my gardening done. I do have my swing ready and set to enjoy these mild nights. Last year a tree limb fell of my swing and dented it, so it looks a little decrepit. But it will be okay for out there, who knows, maybe another limb will fall on it again this spring/summer when the storms come through. Right now that seems so far away, but you never know with Wisconsin weather.

Been a little busy of late, looking up my Family Tree on and, sure has been alot of fun......FINALLY am finding my relatives in Germany, never knew much about them, didn't even have any dates. But like cream, they are rising to the top and it has been fun to say "HI" to them, I don't feel so all alone anymore. 27 relatives through have waved back at!

Going to go now, you have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption draweth nigh!!
Cheers ~ Louisa (my grandmother's name)

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