Wednesday, February 8, 2012

♥A Very Vintage Looking Card♥

Isn't this a pretty card.......wouldn't mind someone sending a card like this to me, I really like it. JP and I went on a date Saturday and I found these reproduced vintage replica cards - 9 postcards for $.50 and thought they would make a nice card. Needed to send an anniversary card and put this one together last night......yep, think I will make some more like these. Simple to make and put together for one of those quicky cards, yet very elegant and that needs to go out by the next day. I ran off a couple of cards on my printer, soooooo can make lots of them. The postcards are not a "copywrite" so it is legal for me to copy.

Going to add a few cards to my Etsy store today after I finish this blog....more St. Patrick Day cards. Another 4 card set for $10 + postage (just $2.50 for each card - a special for St. Patty's day) Check out my store at Had a good start for the year, having 3 Etsy sales......hope that is a good sign for the rest of the year. My husband said it takes a good 5 years to get a business going, been on Etsy since 2008..........this is my 5th year, I hope he is right. Hope, hope, hope!!!!

Well, I need to close this blog for today and go on to Etsy. Then, get working on my income tax.....uge! I have till March 2nd to put it all together. Our accountant likes that I organize everything so he just has to look at it and zip, zip, zip it is all finished. We are hoping to get some money back as JP's car broke down and we could not get it fixed, needed too much work. So now we are down to just one car and that puts quite a kink into my schedule. If I have shopping to do, I need to be home in time for JP to go to work....not fun!

Well, you all have a great day and keep looking up for your redemption draweth nigh!!!

Cheers ~ Louise


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