Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My December Special on Etsy

So, I just put these cards in my Etsy store today. A special deal if I have to say so myself. A set of 12 cards priced at $21.00 + postage and shipping will bring the price to $24.50. I usually sell my cards for $3 a piece so I am selling these cards in this set for $1.75 a piece. My inventory has gotten so large, thought I could do this as a special for December. Maybe this will be "Special" for every month in 2012.....just to keep the Post Office busy with cards and letters in the mail.

Please check out my etsy store at: http://www.cards4ubylouise.etsy.com.

This is a pretty short blog for today, have to go do some decorating of the house. My Christmas cards are in the mail, as a matter of fact, just recieved the card today that I sent JP and the dogs. After decorating the house I can think about baking. I have only one gift to send in the mail to Pops in Las Vegas. Not sure what I will send yet, maybe zuchinni bread and cookies and a crossword puzzel. Well, I shall close this blog as it is acting really silly today so you keep looking up for your redemption draweth nigh.
Cheers ~ Louise

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