Monday, June 27, 2011

More Garden Walk Pictures

A Yellow Hanging Bogoina plant in the midst of a beautiful garden.
This is a picture of the side of the house with a rain barrell that catches the water for all the plants. I wish we could do this but the water that comes off the roof is black from faulty cheap shingles.

This waterfall is at the High School in the court yard. Made by the students.

I love the sound of a water fall.

This is the center of the court yard. the plants, walking stones, most everything is done by the students.

I got this picture of a REAL Dragon Fly in the High School Court huh? He stayed long enough so I could catch him on my camera.

Now this is a picture of a Dragon Fly walking stone made by a student in art class. If I could figure out how to make something like this, I would like to try. Well I hope you like the tour of the garden walk. I have a few more pictures but they are of flowers and bushes....maybe in the next blog I will show just the flowers I took. Have a good day and take 'er easy and stay cool!! Cheers ~ Louise

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