Sunday, March 20, 2011

This and That............

The title of this blog is "This and That" only because I did not know what to title my blog for today. Guess I can have a "blog block" once in a while. Put this card up in my Etsy store tonight. Another one of those Crayon techniques which I love doing. This card is in the greens and silvers, looks nice in this picture. Been doing alot of Copic marker coloring lately, probably will post a few cards that I have done in recent days in the next few days or so.
Have been trying to get some of my cards packaged and priced to take into the Hospital in their gift shop, hopefully tomorrow and Tuesday. Hopefully, hopefully they will like them and I will finally have an outlit besides Etsy. Have not been very busy with my merchandising lately so I really need to find another way of making a little bit of money to finance my addiction of card making.
Found another love this past weekend.......quilling, yep made two cards doing that technique, I may put a quilling card up in my Etsy store, just as soon as I take the pictures. I have so much going in my head, things I want to do.........but alas sometimes the money is not there, guess I just need to take one day at a time.
Well, time to close this blog down, I am sure I am missing something and will think of it just as soon as I shut here goes. Have a great day!!

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