Monday, March 7, 2011

A New Card on Etsy

This is one of my newer cards that I put on Etsy the other day. The background for the bird is the crayon technique, which I just simply love to do. Melt crayons on an iron covered with tinfoil (so not to wreck the iron) the temp only needs to be on perm press, don't want it too hot as to burn the crayons. Smear the colors you prefer, then at each corner of the glossy white cardstock, press down and out at each corner, getting the effect your like. In this card I used gold, tourquois and green. Embossing with the bird, coloring him with copic markers and liquid gloss to stand out.

There's a few other techniques that I have tried, another one is using my old fingernail that was fun too. As soon as I figure out where I put those squares of dried fingernail samples, I will make a card with them.....hummmmm, now where oh where are they???

Well, guess I will close this blog for today...............have a great day!!!

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