Monday, January 31, 2011

Beautiful Heart Valentine Card

Here's my newest "Beautiful Heart Valentine Card" posted this card in my etsy store, go to: The card is selling for $3.00+postage and you can pay thru "PayPal" or use your credit card. This was a simple card to make, the stamp was found at a sale for $2 and the background stamp for $2 also.

The card was made by layering with a couple of layers of cardstock, the heart stamped in black and penned in with a sparkle gel pen. Pearls embellish the card at four corners and also on the heart.

Big storm coming tomorrow and Wednesday.......hopefully it skips us. Chicago is supposed to get hit really bad. It will be like the storm of 1967 whewwwww that was a long time ago, I was 21 then, now that IS a long time ago!!! Yikes!!!! 43 years ago!!!! Yep, just as the Bible says, our lives are just "a puff of smoke" a vapor that fades away. Things that were so important when we are younger, fade away and are is a vapor.

Watching the news tonight and the news commentator said there is just 48 days till spring. So maybe that will make things look a little more cheery for the first day of February, at least the snow won't be lasting very long. AND February is a SHORT month cheers, not much longer and beautiful Spring will be here with the rain, mosquitos, bugs and bees. Lovely!!!!

Well, time to close this blog, so have a good day and a LOVELY February!!!

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LindaCCC said...

This is very beautiful! I love the look of your blog too.


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