Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving to you all that might be reading my blog today. Our thanksgiving was small (JP and I) and quiet, but a very good day. A new vegetable was added to the turkey menu, and that was swiss chard. I hadn't used swiss chard since the 80's when I planted it in my garden. Saw a recent cooking show with Curtis Stone using swiss chard and thought, now that looks fun, even down to the cutting of the chard, quick and easy and healthy no doubt!!!

We had turkey, with the potatoes and carrots thrown in with the turkey the last hour of cooking, dressing, pumpkin souffle', swiss chard, gravy, real cranberry sauce, relish dish, and pumpkin pie! All for just two people...........did not know anyone that needed a meal, guess we are out of the loop of important people to invite or something. That's okay though, we enjoy each other's company......good thing after 39 years. I have already turned some of the left overs into turkey soup, so meals today will be easy and then tonight....turkey dinner again.

Today being Black Friday, I shall be one of those that "stays home". Never was interested in venturing out and fighting the crowds of, don't think so, not today. Plus a big factor would be "no money"!!! My next investment for December will be a "Dutch Oven" which I have been wanting since I first saw the movie "Julia and Julie". A bigger pot has been on my mind for making soup for quite a long time and a "Dutch Oven would fit the bill. Of course I am saving for it will be awhile before I get the one I want, which sits at Walmart, a red one for $70. That will be my Christmas present.

Well, time to close this blog for the day..........and get something done around this house, have a good day and Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

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