Friday, September 3, 2010

Hyko and Kylie

Here is Hyko, he is about 12 years old. We've had him for about 8 years, now that is hard to believe. Seems like he has been with us forever. He is a Bolegnese, kind of like in the Bishon family. We got Hyko from the Appleton Animal Shelter, he had been given up by his 1st owner who abused him pretty bad. Hyko was afraid of men and stayed away from JP for JP and Hyko are best friends. Hyko has alot of ailments but he just keeps going like the energized bunny. Bad heart, teeth, a tumor on the bladder, he is getting hard of hearing and his sight is getting bad. Oh well, just like we humans, everything starts to wear down.

Then there is Kylie, she is about 5 years old or so. She was maybe about a year old when we got her from the OshKosh Animal Shelter. Kylie was found running homeless, she might have been dropped off and left to fend for herself. She was very fearful of us when we first met her. But she sure did take a liking to Hyko, it was love at first sight for Hyko and Kylie.
Kylie is a Schnoodle, (part poodle and part schnawzer). She is pretty healthy and likes to eat and run and sleep, go for rides and walks.

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