Monday, August 23, 2010

♥New Cards a'brewing and Computer Follow-up♥

Here is a new card in the making. It is a bleach technique, which is really lots of fun.
1-Ink the stamp with versa-mark and stamp on the colored cardstock you want to use.
2-Embossed with black embossing powder.
3-Filled a cup with bleach and used a soft pointed blending tool and filled in the places I wanted bleached....which was all of the little girl.
4-Let dry, then give her a second coat of bleach and let dry thoroughly before coloring.
5-My first attempt to color her in I used colored pencils.....looked nice and looked almost antiquey.
6-My next attempt was using Twinkling H2O's, I like this technique, hard to see her sparkle, but she is. Now I shall turn her into a card tonight along with the other little girls I made. I probably will sell one of these little girls in my Etsy store. Hopefully I will have her up in the next week or so. Go to I probably will sell her for $3.50 as there were alot of steps to making her. AND this is a piece of art....and maybe even one of a kind. If you like this "little girl smelling roses" stamp, I found her in Door County at Oscars Stamping store.
As a follow-up to my computer didn't end when I brought the computer home. I ended up taking it back to Office Depot, because it kept shuting off and rebooting at least 10 times. They could not find anything wrong with the computer, so I took it home and hooked it up. Again, the computer ran like a champ for 3 days then acted up by shutting off and rebooting, so I pulled the plugs and started all over again.......this time I found there was a short in the monitor, took the old monitor off and brought up another old monitor from down stairs.......The computer has been working fine for over a week now with no problems. Although the screen is much smaller now, maybe someday I will invest in a larger-flat screen. But until then, this one is fine for now and is working.
It is our Anniversary on Friday, we've been married 37 years.....where has all that time gone? I guess we are truely vapors.....puffs of smoke, here today and gone tomorrow. JP is taking the day off and we might go to Red Lobster for lunch. We should have a little money saved for that special day. Well, time to end this blog for now, watch for another blog in a week or so, once I get a couple of cards put together.

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