Saturday, August 28, 2010

♥37 Years of Marriage and My 1st Wedding Ring♥

Yep, that's right, you are reading the title right!!!!! It was our 37th Wedding Anniversary on Friday. This was the first time ever that JP bought me a ring....and a wedding ring at that. As you can see there are 3 rings, the pinkie ring is my mother's which I inherited, the middle fingered ring is a ring I bought at Kohls maybe about 15 years ago and that lovely ring in the middle is my new wedding ring. Can you imagine it was in JP's budget too. The pawn broker said to take it to a Jeweler for an appraisal, you might be surprised at how much it is worth......I shall do that.

FOOT NOTE TO THE READER........Now you might ask, why was JP buying me a wedding ring now, after all these years? When JP and I got married (by the Justice of Peace in Chicago in 1973) I had to buy my own ring, cause he didn't have time to look and/or buy a ring for me cause he was in the midst of racing and just could not take time off. He just did not have time to get married and a marriage licence, he felt, was not that important. It was to me though. He thought we could live together forever, but we had found a house and I said "I will not move into that house unless we are married". So he repented and we got married at 11am August 27th, signed the papers to the house at 3pm and moved into our little house in Arlington Heights, Illinois by the late afternoon.

So here we are in August 27, 2010 and JP is buying me a ring for our 37th wedding anniversary and we are beginning the hunt.

We went to a couple of pawn shops, and a jewelery store. At the first pawn shop, there were at least 5 large cases of rings to choose from, found a couple of rings but they were way out of JP's budget. He had saved $90 and had an extra $10 to top it off. Many of the rings were $200, $300, 4 and 500 all the way up to 1k or more. The salesman showed us the 50% off rings and the 30% off rings.....I would pick a ring and he would take it out, one ring at a time. Finally came up with 3 rings I liked. Then I had it narrowed down to one ring which was $149.00 ~ just a little over JP's budget, oh gosh but did I like it. We ended up not buying it, we left that store to go to another, thinking we would come back.

We were told to go to a jewelery store where they sell estate rings. So we tried there, didn't really see anything I liked, really didn't know what I was looking for, but you know......when you see what you like, you will know that is the one. It will yell out your name and say "I am the one ~ buy me"!!!!!! The saleslady then took us to some "NEW" wedding rings (gosh, I just knew they would be out of JP's budget for sure) Well, wouldn't you know it, I found the perfect ring, it was gorgeous and fit perfectly......but alas..... it's sale price was $2,800.00.....just out of curiosity I asked if there were any discounts and she calculated and came down to a whopping 2K. Gosh I liked that ring alot. We left there, I was alittle bummed, cause I really liked that ring (LOL)

We decided that Saturday we would go looking again, I had to go to the Share program and would stop at "Mr Money" on the way back home. This was a little-er pawn shop....with one case of rings, there the lady showed me the rings one and two at a time.....till finally I said, show me rings for $100, then she started bringing rings out and telling me what she could give them to me for.....then I spied this ring you see at the top of this page......tried it on and said.....this is the one. They were asking $149 but could come down to $110....I said I would bring back my husband.

To make the long story short, we bought the ring.....cause it was calling my name. Plus it just looked like it belonged on my hand.......don't you think???? We ended up paying $120 for the ring and that was including tax, I think we got a good deal, and both JP and I are happy and HE FINALLY BOUGHT ME A RING!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a "glad day" all day going out to eat at Red Lobster then shopping around for a ring, nice date, here is a picture of JP and I. Hope your days are glad too!!! Louise
ANOTHER FOOT NOTE......I had an extra $20 to add to the total cost of the ring.

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