Saturday, May 29, 2010

♥Etsy Tap Dance♥

Okay....I am doing the Etsy Tap Dance!!! Sold 2 cards tonight.....gosh that makes me day!!! Another Father's Day Card and Garfield's Scale........yay for Garfield!!!! So, tomorrow and Monday I will put up another Deer for Father's Day and another Garfield card. Was having fun making Garfield, so I made quite a few cards of him.

Thought I would add a few pictures of my two dogs. To your left, the white dog looking out the car window is Hyko, he is a Bolignese from Italy (a real lover), we got him at the animal shelter April of 2003, he was already 4 years old at the time, well, he is getting kinda old now, but he still acts like a puppy. He's got alot of things wrong with him but he just keeps going. I think Kylie keeps him going. Kylie is the grey dog to the right. We got her in 2005? Is that possible? My how time flies. She is a rescue dog also, she was found running homeless in Osh Kosh and taken to the shelter. She sure has turned out to be a good dog, and she likes her picture taken alot. Kylie is a Schnoodle and doesn't shed. Hyko and Kylie have been very good friends to JP and I, when people fail ya.....our dogs are right there beside us, sort of like God, he'll never forsake or leave us alone. Dogs are like that too. I think dogs are God's special angles to watch over us humans.....don't you think so?

Hope you all are enjoying your Memorial Day Week-end. I plan to do some gardening and planting of tomato plants and cucumber plants.......also throw some seeds down for flowers and plant my marigolds. Busy, busy, but fun. Oh and there are those darned weeds that have to be pulled too....a never ending battle, if Adam and Eve had not sinned, would we have been weedless?????

I had the flu this past week and it shut down every inch of my body, all I wanted to do was sleep and then sleep some more. But what ever the name of the flu was. it worked its way out. But now JP has it....we like to share things so I thought sharing the flu would be a nice thing to do. Made a big pot of chicken soup with garlic. Have some rhubarb cut up to make rhubarb custard tomorrow. If JP eats the rhubarb dessert I will know he is feeling better.

Well, I am going to close here for now, it is getting late and I need to let my dogs out.....see pictures above. Aren't they sweet, Hyko and Kylie


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