Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Well, as you can see I am on Facebook. It has been really amazing to me to find so many people that I know and have known. I shall have to look for a few more people, never know who I may run across. Still learning the ropes on facebook. Tonight I just figured out how to make the badge/button. NOW if I could figure out how to make badge/buttons from other blogs and bring them to my blog and visa versa. Got Etsy onto my Facebook page, now if I could just figure out how to get Etsy on my blog. As you can see I have much to occupy my time.

Don't you just love this barn???? My friend Kandie in Indiana took the picture of this barn, I love old barns and I believe this barn was found in Wisconsin someplace. You can go to http://www.khixkrafts.blogspot.com/ and find her other lovely pictures and many ideas for cards and other treasures.

Some day I will have to take a picture of the barn I painted back in 1971..........a real painting in acrylics.............I wanted to be an artist........well, I wanted to be alot of things, but somethings just did not pan out......like gold I guess, am still panning away. Anyways shall have to figure out what I shall do with this barn, once I print it out. Any suggestions?

Well, you have a great day.


Just4Khix said...

Hey that barn looks familiar! Wait till you see the photos I have added in the last couple of days. Also, I have previewed your beautiful card to me as well. Be blessed, my friend.

Just4Khix said...

Good morning, friend. You have a card on the way, and today I posted your adorable lamb card on my site, with a link to your site. I love lambs! I'll send another card soon, one of the postage stamp ones I'm having so much fun with. Be blessed.


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