Thursday, September 3, 2009

September 3, 1918

This will be short...............every year, on this date, I think about my earthly Father. He would have been 91 years old today if his life had not been cut short by a heart attack at the age of 42. Sad, I still miss him after 48 years. I sometimes wonder, had my dad lived longer, would things have been different? Would I have been in a different place, spiritually, physically and mentally? I will always wonder.

I loved my dad very much, the sun rose and set on him. Oh well, life does go on, with and without people you love. You try and do the best you can with what you got and just keep going. I've kept going, but there has always been that little part of me that will always miss her daddy.

Have a great day!!! Told you this would be a short one.

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Tiffany Designs said...

Be strong girl, the motivation you have to keep going was in part due to him, I'm sure. :)


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