Friday, September 4, 2009


YES, YES...........I won a cookbook from "Inches A Weigh" YAY!!!!!!! I am so excited!!! Here's how it happened. I had been wanting to get the cookbook, which costs $ of the counelors said, "Louise why don't you wait and see if you can win the cookbook as there is a contest starting, and one of the prizes is the cookbook?" I thought..........oh, so long to have to wait........but waited, I did.

The contest consisted of a baseball diamond and every pound you lost, took you to either 1st base, 2nd base or 3rd base, or 4 lbs gave you a home run!!!!! I only managed to get around all 4 bases ONCE.........never quite getting around again. Sooooo, that meant I only had 1 entry in the box. Yesterday was the big day and names were picked and, and, and, TA DAAAAAAA.......I won the cookbook!!!!!!!

Well, now I should have some fun making new recipes for JP and I with the Inches A Weigh cookbook. Next post, I will show you what my new prize looks like and perhaps I will give you a tried and true recipe...........I will be like Julie, who tried all of Julia Child's recipes in her french cookbook.................I will try all the recipes in the Inches A Weigh cookbook and give you a full!!!!

Talk to you later, have to get ready to go collect my prize~Louise

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Bridget said...

congratulations on the weight loss & the cookbook prize


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