Saturday, September 12, 2009


Here it is .................pretty cool huh? Was thumbing through it and found a neat cabbage recipe, have not tried it yet but when I do, will certainly report on it. So here is the first recipe from my new cookbook:

1 cup cabbage, 1 tablespoon parsley, 1 package diet sweetner (I will use splenda), 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper, 1 package IAW chicken or IAW beef soup (you can use boullion cubes), Caraway seed to taste.
In a small sauce pan combine all ingredients: cook over medium heat until cabbage is tender. (Approximatley 10-15 minutes) Serves 1 person 92 calories, 6 gram carbohydrates, 0gm of fat, 17 gms protein. Note: The cooked cabbage was very good, I would cut down on the splenda and not so much pepper......totally forgot the parsley. I better try it again, as we have alot of parsley growing and I still have some cabbage in the refrig.

Bad news for the day, the husband just got home from his trip to Green Bay. The car broke down.....alternator problems he thinks, plus the bearings are going out. Sometimes I hate old cars cause they just drain you of all your money. We still have a big bill at the service station where we have our cars fixed. Both of them are old, mine is a '96 and husbands is a '94. I wish we had the money to invest in a new car but that is just not in the budget. Oh well, "se' la vie'" what will be, will be.

Getting kind of nervous about these swine flu shots that just may become mandatory to take. Have you been keeping up with all the different ingredients that are included in this vaccine? I have a deep concern as to why they are forcing this on us and want to pump all these poisons into our systems.............hummmmm.........I wonder if the president and his family and "all the kings men" will have to take the swine flu vaccine or is it just "US SUB HUMANS" Sorry, I have been reading alot of stuff lately that makes me wonder. Just how really free are we????????? Go to for the ingredients for the Swine flu.

I am going to close this blog for now and find that website you can go to that actually has all the ingredients in the swine flu will be shocked!!!! To say the least.

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