Sunday, August 23, 2009

One More Week in August

Just a short note to all that read this blog: I made each paragraph in different colors, not just for looks but because I just could not seem to get this blog to seperate, if I had left it as is, was hard to read. Ssssooooo I seperated with color. Looks nice though, doesn't it, a little embellishment.'s true, one more week in August. I mentioned in my Etsy store annoucements that "Poor, poor August" did not have any holiday in it's 31 days.......BUT.......August sure has been a busy month full of surprises too! Here's a lovely picture of my Gladiolis's.........a surprise that they even grew this summer as they were some of the bulbs I had left in the ground over the winter.

Went to the funeral of a woman I used to work with......amazing how the death of someone can fan the flames of a lot of memories, some not so good. Saw a few people I had not seen in years, my how they have did JP and I no doubt. The funeral was short and sweet, I think she was cremated, the family led the service, (there was no clergy) and there was alot of remembering of her and her pranks she played on people........ummm......her vindictiveness hurt alot at times and I was her target many a time. Sadly, I will not miss her much, I often wonder if things could have been a little bit different between her and I......but her beliefs and mine did not seem to be compatable. Oh well.......time to let bygones be bygones......hopefully she made to the other side and is dancing in the arms of Jesus. If not......she's burning, big time!!!!!!!
JP and I will be celebrating our 36th anniversary this special plans that I know of. I think we shall go out to eat, just him and I, we are due for that steak dinner. Yep, we met in March of 1971 on a blind date............hard to believe the time has passed us by this fast....was only yesterday, wasen't it? mother's birthday was this month, she would have been 83 on the 2nd. Nieces birthday on the 9th, also Frances birthday on the 9th. Another friend on the 5th, oh and on the 15th was Kathy's birthday and the 20th Bill's birthday. The 17th was the death of that lady I worked with.
Starting next month JP will be getting Social Security...........we both chose to get early retirement.........after reading an article today on Yahoo, maybe it's a good thing to get it early, cause for the next 2 years there is not going to be an automatic raise, honestly, older people worked all there lives then comes retirement and guess what, they can't afford to retire anymore. This country sure is messed up and the rich get richer and poor get poorer.
As I sit here looking at my calendar for August, I am a little sad, as all I did was work, pay bills, exercise, and watch my weight, to no avail.......JP and I sure do need a vacation, even if it's just a week-end to Door County and sit by Lake Michigan........oh well, we'll see what September brings.
Well, I think I shall close this blog for tonight and go on to my other blog at: Have a good day and see ya....."here, there, or in the air"

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