Wednesday, April 1, 2009

♦April Fools Day♦'s April Fools Day! I have no jokes to play on anyone. Used to be a fun thing to do in my younger years, but not anymore.

Hey how are you doing with all the taxes that are being placed on you? Taxes on booze, ciggs, insurance, house, food, name it we are really getting zapped. There are alot of "Tea Party's" springing up all over the country. Check out (this link will take you to "opps link broke" click "google search" and you will get a list of all the tea party's going on, from there you can go to your state and see where a tea party will be held nearest you.

Oh, and I guess people are writing letters to their representatives and sending the tabs of tea bags (no tea bags) in protest against all these taxes that the little guy just cannot pay out. Someone told me the other day that we are paying 60% of our income to taxes..........gosh, how is a person supposed to survive? We are becoming slaves to the government and city and state government.

And isn't it interesting that a black man is president and putting the white man into slavery...........huh..........what goes around, comes true is that.

Happy April Fools Day!!!!!!! WE ARE ALL THE FOOLS!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!

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