Monday, February 16, 2009

New St. Patrick's Card

Well, here is one of my new St. Patrick's Day Cards. I just added to my collection of cards on Etsy......actually right now this card is my "Avatar of the month". I like changing my avatars and banners according to the season. Just added the orange card last night. I probably will add the green card in the next few days. Here is the orange card.
I am not Irish.........German, French and English. Soooooo, maybe that is why I like a good cup of tea and french fries and brats????????? {{{laugh,laugh}}}

Anyways, sorry this is not such a good blog today........I need to get ready to go and do some stores today, don't usually go out on Mondays, but I have a switch out of cards to do at the two Dollar General Stores. Taking down the Valentines cards, and putting up the Easter, St Pats and we go again. Time sure does fly when I do cards.

Well, I guess I should close this segment of the blog for now, and go get ready for my job. You have a good day and talk later.

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