Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Where is the time going??????????

  1. Well, where is the time going????

  2. Time sure does fly by.

  3. Christmas is just around the corner as I turned 62 on November 21st.

  4. BLOGGING has not been on my mind since October 29, sad to say.

  5. Not sure why I am typing sentences one at a time.

  6. Am I looking to writting a poem or something?

  7. Not really sure, just looks fun and takes up some space and it's the way I am thinking right now.

  8. Have to get ready to go out to work, but the snow is coming down. UGE

  9. Wisconsin, lovely Wisconsin, snow, snow, snow.

  10. have not sold a card in months..........sad.

  11. Should I put my shop up for sale and retire my stamps?

  12. Ask me again next month, things will have changed, and life will be different.

  13. Time to shut this blog down, it is not going anywhere.

  14. You all have a good day and "HANG IN THERE"

Love and peace - Louise


Kathy said...

Hi Louise, Your life sounds like mine...I merchandise DVD's and Magazines...what do you do? Kathy

Diane ~ said...

Louise, I love this posting & love how you share your life so freely!! :)


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