Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sea Side Sea Gulls - Treasury #6

Here is my newest treasury...........Makes me homesick for the sea and I have never lived there. Maybe that has been one of my dreams......I love being by water and listening to the sound of soothing to the spirit.

The Seagulls always remind me that they should be near the sea, but they seem to thrive in Wisconsin............maybe they think the big parking lots at the Mall are the "sea".......who knows. And when it snows??????????? More water!!! Seagulls are a very curious bird, I love to watch them.........they seem so free, flying around, surveying the area for food and swooping down on their to watch. I wonder if they long to be by the sea?????? Did they get lost traveling in the skies? Probably not, they just must love Wisconsin.
My husband and I have lived in WI since that is a long time. Did we get lost? No, don't think, so we wanted to get away from the "ratrace" of Chicago. We had 20 acres, built a poleshed and lived there for 9 years, raising cows, chickens, ducks, rabbits, dogs and cats. Had a big garden, did lots of canning and freezing of vegetables..............what a good life, would never trade that time...........sometimes I long for it again and wonder if we made the right move.........back into the "ratrace"........I wonder, if I am like the Seagull in a way........longing to go back to the sea, but I stay, someday I will go back, living in the country was a good life. But for now, I am, where I am, in this life and must make the best of where I am. Because it is where God has planted me for this time in my the Seagull. "Bloom where you are Planted" I hope I have done that.
Well, I better go, I am rambling and I have to go get ready for my job......I do merchandising and go into stores doing audits, put cards up, take things down, move things around.......its fun at times, sometimes hard work........but is something I can do in my retirement and still make a little money to pay the bills.
Talk later, have a good day,
PS be sure to click on the will zoom to 100% so you can see it better.

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Diane ~ said...

Hi Louise! Your treasury is Gorgeous! as always!!!:) Love your posting. Your right about the sounds of water & how soothing it is.
My husband & I try to take a weekend in Maine once or twice a year. There is a little place on the beach we stay at. when we're there away from TV computer & phones, we listen to the waves & relax; all the stress & tension leaves & we feel soothed & renewed.♥


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